Please contact us to order your engraved items! or 1-336-877-0910

We can ship all of the smaller memorials, markers, garden stones and etchings.

If it fits in a flat rate box, we will ship it for the flat rate price. All larger stones or fragile items will require additional shipping based on the product and selections made.

  • Pet Memorials
    Buster with paw print, 6" Stone
    Buster with paw print, 8" - 9" Stone
    Buster with paw print & dates, 8" - 11" Stone
  • Garden Stones
    Mom's Garden, Dad's Garden, Grandma's Garden and Grandpa's Garden
  • Sports Stones
    Sports Stones
  • Address Posts
    Address Posts
    $145.00 - One sided
    $185.00 - Double sided